Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random December ~ 2012

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 We were asked to take photos for a few people for Christmas.
We met some of them up the canyon and got some fun photos of our own.





John and Tawnie's family.
I love this photo.

My friend, Sara, and her little boy, Sam.
So cute.



The day we were taking photos of Richard and Kara's family, it rained and / or snowed all day, so we ended up having to take the photo inside the house.
It still turned out to be great.

We went to my sister, Karey's, newest book launch.
This is her second book. It is called 'For What Its Worth'.
Her third book is called 'My Own Mr. Darcy' and it is being launched in September.
Congrats Karey!

Lori, Lisa, Karey, Leslie (me)
Us sisters at Karey's book launch.

Beautiful Sunset.

April and her kids came for a visit at the end of November until the beginning of December.
We love it when they come to visit. They live too far away and wish they lived closer.


Goodbye hugs for Aaron.
We love you April and kids!

April gave me these flowers for the anniversary of Aaron's death.
It was thoughtful and they are so pretty.

This is a couple in our ward.
They are great and amazing people.
He was a professional football player and fought in the second world war.
She is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet.
We love them.

I think he is pretending that he is going to pull out one of Aaron's teeth with pliers.
Don't remember why, but it was funny.

Aaron saw this photo of this group at the store and wanted me to take a photo of him posing like the blond one.

Still not too old for a pony ride at the grocery store.
I love that.

He is my angel.

Helping me to pump the gas.
He is my helper and he loves to help.
What a gentleman. :)

Two of my cute nephews... Henry and Charlie.

Aaron holding Molly.
He loves dogs... I can't wait until I can get him one of his own again.

This is a baby hat... he looks like an elf wearing it.

Well, I guess we have reached the end of the 2012 photos.
It was a pretty good year... but still hoping that 2013 holds some blessings that we have been praying for.
We will see...

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Cute pictures. Great fun.