Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Aaron Jr.

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This is the invitation I made for Aaron's birthday party.
This is a photo of him and his first experience with surfing
when we went to California last year.
 I love this photo.

 Aaron's '15 minutes of fame'.



These are the decorations that Aaron made for his party.
Aren't they sweet?

We invited more kids that I had originally planned to invite,
but having it at Pizza Pie Cafe in their banquet room made it possible.
The kids had fun and Aaron felt special.
Here are all of the kids who showed up to the party.
Cousins, friends from school, friends from church. 
They brought him some really thoughtful gifts.

This was our own little celebration for Aaron's birthday.
Just Aaron and me.
These are some candles that Aaron had been wanting to use for this birthday.
He had saved them.
They burned so quickly... but they were cute.

Make a wish.

We grabbed some new candles for another photo.
I don't remember why, but I don't mind another photo of my sweet boy.

Happy Birthday to my ray of sunshine.
Aaron, you are my world.
I love you.

* * *


Kristi said...

Happy birthday Aaron...8 months ago! We love your guts.

Wenni Donna said...

Such a happy smile! And who would say no to pizza! Even I baked pizza this time on my nephew’s birthday. We had a get together in a fine venue NYC and later on all his friends were home for the slumber party. It was a fantastic night!