Sunday, January 26, 2014

County Fair - 2014

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We went to the County Fair back in August.
We went with Lisa and her kids.
It was a fun time.


Stella and Aaron 


Gus and Henry

Charles and Caroline

Aaron and Stella
on their ride.

Stella and Aaron

Hannah and Elise

 Caroline and Me

Beautiful Caroline

Caroline's sandal broke, so there was nothing holding her toes into the sandal.
The sandal was just flopping, so I found a green long popped balloon on the ground and I created a front part to her sandal to hold her toes onto the sandal.
It was quite hilarious, BUT IT WORKED!!!


Aaron giving Charlie a fun ride.

 Aaron giving Henry a fun ride.

Aaron giving Gus a fun ride.

It was a fun time at the county fair.
Thanks Lisa and kids!

* * *


Kristi said...

Who knew the county fair could be so fun? I have never been to any county fair in my life. Ours up here cost about a billion dollars.

Tracie said...

What an awesome kid you have there and the fair looks so fun!