Friday, January 24, 2014

Farewell to Bluin

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Here I go again...
trying to catch up my blog...

 Aaron's fish, Bluin, died in August.
We were very surprised when we found him like that and we were very sad.
I got Bluin for Aaron on June 1, 2011.
He lived over 2 years and he was really fun to have.
He was a beautiful beta fish, as you can see.

Is it strange to do a posting about our fish and his funeral? :)
But... we loved him, so he deserves to be posted about.

We buried Bluin under the tree / bush that we transplanted from our house that we lived in when Aaron was still here. It was just a sapling when Aaron passed away and was still pretty little when we transplanted it. I love this bush. It gets such beautiful flowers on it.

We used the rocks that were in the bottom of Bluin's fish bowl to mark the grave.

We released one Blue balloon for Bluin.

Here is the note Aaron wrote to Bluin.
Could my boy be any sweeter?

It says:

"Dear Bluin
I miss you
are you having a good
time in heven.
have you met mi
Dad and ode
Love you
Love aAron"

Here is Aaron with Bluin on the day we brought Bluin home.

I actually miss cleaning out his bowl every one or two weeks.
I loved watching him swim around after I would put him back into his fresh water...
he seemed excited to be in his fresh water and would swim with more enthusiasm.
Probably because he could breathe better in the fresh oxygen filled water. :)

 Aaron and Bluin
good friends

We miss you, Bluin. :)

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Kristi said...

Cute Aaron and cute Bluin.