Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Summer of Aaron

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I might have posted this one before, but I couldn't help myself when I saw it again.
I love it.
This was taken right before a hair cut and Aaron was posing as a tough guy, I guess. :)

These are some photos from this past summer.
There are many of Aaron sleeping in bed, but how can I NOT take photos when he looks so cute while he sleeps?
In no particular order...

I'm not sure if this hair style will ever make it back on his head,
but he sure had fun with it a few times. :)

This Ode dog is Aaron's very favorite stuffed animal.
He has names for them all. Every time he gets a new stuffed animal, he takes it in and lines all of his current ones up and introduces them all to each other. I cannot tell you how cute it is to listen to. He really loves his stuffed friends. I don't want him to grow up. :)

There are usually SO many more on the bed with him all lined up just right.

Aaron had a little zip up money bag and he put money in it and wanted to take it to the bank.
So, here it is sitting next to the bed waiting to go to the bank. :)

One night, I drew and wrote these two notes and taped them to the ceiling above Aaron's bed so he would see them when he woke up. He loved it. So...

The next day, I went to bed with these above MY bed on the ceiling.
My boy is sweet. :)

Clinging to the pillow I made for him with his name stitched on it. :)

All the other sheets were dirty or I couldn't find them, so he had to have pink sheets...
he didn't mind... luckily. Ha.

He did find some creative ways to use the top sheet though.

Every time Zach comes and stays here, Aaron goes through a phase of sleeping without a shirt.
He likes to be like his cousin Zach.

You can see more of his animals in this photo.
He will love these photos when he is older, right?

 This looked too comfy, I had to take a photo.

 Right? Comfy?

This is the Grover doll that my sister Lisa gave to me when I was younger.
He is my favorite Sesame Street character. He has become Aaron's favorite as well.

These are the pillows that Aaron made for me for Christmas last year.
They both say 'Mom'. He stitched them himself. :)
They are treasures.

Aaron learned how to tie a tie this past summer.
My Dad refreshed my memory of how to tie one and then I taught Aaron.

He ties it himself nearly every Sunday for church.
Once in a while I have to help him a little.

Love this video of Aaron swinging on a swing.

Is it wrong of me to have taken this photo while Aaron said his prayer?
I couldn't help myself.
He was folding Ode's legs for the prayer.
Are you kidding?
I love this boy so much!

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