Thursday, January 30, 2014

Interesting Realization

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On Sunday evening, I realized what day it was.
It was January 26th and once I realized that, I started doing some figuring.

I turned 8 years old on March 1st
the car accident (read about it HERE) that I was in when I was 8 happened on April 26th.
One month and 26 days after my 8th birthday.

Aaron Jr turned 8 years old on December 1st
this past Sunday was January 26th.
One month and 26 days after his 8th birthday.

So, I realized on Sunday that Aaron was the exact age (to the day) that I was on the day of that car accident. Obviously, my photo was taken after my hospital stay and after I had been in a cast for a while, and Aaron's photo was taken this week, but I had to post these photos and mention this realization.

I had forgotten how young we all really were when the accident happened.
Looking at Aaron at the same age helps me realize how young I was that day.

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Ceri said...

Hi Leslie, I wanted to see how you are doing. I just read through your very moving post about the accident you were in. I didn't ever know about that happening, and am sorry it did and that you lost your sweet brother that day - for now. Just as it must have been healing for you to write about it, it is likely a part of healing to think about the you then from what you know of your sweet son now. To realise from an adult's perspective what you went through as an eight year old I hope will be a step to healing for you too. With the healing work I do, we are often working with ourselves at the time - often ourselves as children. You are a step along that path in realising how young you were then and knowing so well how to deal with your son and his needs at his age. I love you, and hope you continue to find healing. If I can ever help you with that or anything else I would be honoured.

You and Aaron look so alike at the same age - the same smile! You and your family are such good examples of turning to the Lord even more in such difficult times. I love you loads and hope you are doing well. Ceri xoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

I ran into you on the 4th at the parade. You said to comment. I've been reading for a while now. So sorry about the loss of Aaron!

My blog is

Katie's sister,

Terry said...

Where are you? :( I miss your blog