Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Compete in What?

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My friend, Kerianne and I decided to do something called a Sprint Triathlon together.

Swim = 1/4 mile
Bike = 11.5 miles
Run = 5k (3.1 miles)

Neither of us had ever done anything like it before, but we thought it would be fun and fulfilling to try it. So, we found one going on in Bountiful on Labor Day and decided to train for it.
In the meantime, I found another one going on in Bountiful on the 8th of August and thought I would sign up for that one as well just to see what they are like and try to get a time to improve on. So, I asked my sister in law Christa if she wanted to do it with me.

Well, on the 8th of August, Christa and her friend Jeni and I did this Sprint Triathlon. I had tried to train as much as I could, but after NOT working out for SOOOOO long, I only managed to do a few swims, a couple of bike rides, and a few runs in that month before the 8th.

It was quite the adventure... my only goal on the running portion was to run the whole time and not walk at all. I did it. :)

Then, I borrowed my mother in law's mountain bike... I did not realize at the time that even one of the greatest mountain bikes can be one of the worst bikes to ride in a road race. I was pedaling as fast as my legs could pedal and people were still flying by me. I was so confused. But I found out after the race from Aaron's brother, Steve, that it was the wrong bike to use in something like this. SO... I have learned for the next one to find and borrow a road bike for the occasion. I really hope it helps my time A LOT.

Sue drove Aaron past me when I was biking. I heard his voice cheering for me and I looked over and there he was. This was him in her truck. It was so sweet to have him cheer me on.

Sue took this with her phone as they drove past. Thanks Sue.

I am on the far left... this is me BEFORE I saw Aaron Jr. cheering me on along with the Harknesses who came to support.

This is me AFTER I saw Aaron Jr. cheering me on.

I stole this photo from Christa's blog. Thanks Christa.
This is Christa in the bike portion...

The swim was last in this particular Sprint Triathlon. I backstroked most of it. Hey, I am not too proud to use the backstroke instead of struggling through it with the freestyle. :)

Jeni, Christa, Leslie

Mother and Son after the race. I DID IT !!!

I had never done any sort of competitive races besides junior high track. DURING the race, I felt like I wanted to die part of the time, but after it was all over... I was really happy I did it. I have definitely learned what will work better in the one on Labor Day and I hope I do a lot better in that one. This was a good trial run and I hope to continue doing more in the future... we will see. :) I'll let you know how the Labor Day sprint triathlon goes.

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Kristi said...

If we were to be in town over Labor Day I would SO want to do it with you. It sounds exhausting but fun, in a pioneer-woman-trekking-across-
the-US sort of way.
Those sprint distances seem MUCH more do-able than the real thing.
Way to give it a go, and way to try something so adventurous like that.

Kristi said...
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LL said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Go Leslie~

Mindy said...

Way to go, Leslie! Did you know my dad did that same triathlon on the 8th? I'm going to do my first TINY triathlon on the 29th of August (smaller than a sprint tri even...) and I'm planning on swimming the backstroke the whole swim portion too. Better that than drowning! ;)

cynphil6 said...

WOW! You look fantastic! CONGRATS on your goal! You are amazing! Good luck on the next one!

Chris & Kristy said...

Way to go girl! Those biking days in good old England must have come back to you. I'm so proud of you!

Claire said...

Well done, Leslie!! Seriously - that's hardcore racing!

I had a look at the pictures that you had taken. They are stunning. but then, the subject of the pics are stunning! You and Aaron Jr are both gorgeous. He's growing up in to a handsome little man.

Rebecca_Adams said...

Wow! Good job! I think doing a triathlon would be fun, but I really don't have time to train for one right now. The only race I've done (besides track in high school) was the 5k on the 4th of July. I really want to do another one though! It's always nice to do something once and then do it again to beat your time. That's what I'm planning on doing if I do another 5k! It's fun! Way to go! :)

Liz said...

GOOD JOB. You looked so cute biking. Who looks cute biking? Of course you would.

AlanaBD said...

YAY YAY YAY! SO proud of you!!!


Brooke said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!

April said...

Woohoo!!! I am so proud of you, Les!!! Good luck with the upcoming one!