Friday, August 14, 2009

Denver, Colorado

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We went to Denver with the Harkness side of the family. We were there two years ago WITH Aaron for his cousin's farewell as he left on his mission. He just got home, so we went over there for his homecoming. It was so good to see all of them. They are great people and we love them so much. Here are the highlights from our trip. They really knew how to entertain us... that is for sure. Thanks to all of you for your hospitality and the good times. We had a blast.

Malia, Susie, Isaac, Aaron Jr, Tate

Leslie and Aaron Jr.
They set up a huge piece of plastic on the hill in their backyard. It was a really fun waterslide that kept us busy for hours.

After the waterslide, they took us all to the Alpine Slide that was pretty close to their house. Here we are on the lift going up... the Alpine Slide was so much fun.

Wow... do I always look this strange when I am talking?

Here are all the people who are in the photos throughout this posting:
Leslie, Steve, Isaac, Christa, Trygve, Sverre, Erin, Ken, Lennon, Dave, April, Sue, Steve,
Ole, Tate, Marty, Susie, Abigail, Sierra, Malia, Aaron Jr, Autumn
AND the quads, Lincoln, Everett, Severin, Guy
The whole group minus Amini (sp?), who was taking the photo.

Their whole family including Amini (sp?), but minus Brent.

The miracle quads. They are so sweet.
In no certain order :) : Severin, Everett, Guy, Lincoln

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Kristi said...

Those quadruplets are so cute. The kids were huddled around the computer while I was looking at this post. Benny excitedly said, "Aaron!" when he saw the picture of just Aaron. Little Spencer said, "I wish we could go where they went." It looks like you had a lot of fun..

The Kimball Herd said...

It was fun that's for sure. I am glad we finally got together. Even though my hands were full it was nice to fit in the moments. Love you bunches.....By the way you know it will come to you sooner if you aren't looking and get busy with other things.

Good luck