Wednesday, March 9, 2011


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So, my sister in law Tawnie wrote an email to all of us sisters and mom last week asking 'Who's in?'
Once I opened the email, it was a challenge to join her in a DE-cluttering task for each of our homes. She got the idea HERE and the tricks and tips for how to do it are HERE. Instead of me explaining the challenge, you can read it at that link.

Most of us sisters and mom agreed to join her in the task. Some will have more to throw out and go through than others, but it is a task that each of us can tackle and have unnecessary items to throw out.

Those of the sisters who have decided to join in have mostly made lists for the 40 days, doing a room or area per day. Well, I rent a tiny little house that has mostly just the basic necessities in it already, so I tried to figure out how I could join in on the challenge in that little house that would really only take one and a half days to go through all the stuff in it.

So, after thinking about it for the past week, I have decided to try to tackle some tasks that have been on my mind for a long long long time. Tasks that will DE-clutter my life by DE-cluttering the heavy weights that have been on my mind for so long... such as...

* tasks that I want to get done, but for some reason keep putting off. Don't you hate those projects / tasks that sit there in the back of your mind for years, but because they are not urgent, you just let it sit there nagging at you? I have SO many of those.

* unresolved and unnecessary issues that weigh on my mind mentally, worries and fears that I have. They need to be DE-cluttered out of my mind by resolving them.

* figure out what to do with some things that are taking up space at other people's houses because I do not have a place for them ever since we had to sell our home. They are things I want to keep, but have left them at family member's homes too long because they have been kind enough to let me. They never complain, but I want to lift that burden off of them... somehow. Then the burden of worrying about it will be DE-cluttered from my mind.

Some of those tasks are going to DE-clutter my surroundings, but most of them will probably DE-clutter the heaviness of the things weighing on my mind.

This is a very raw and unfinished list...

I am still out of town for a couple of days, so I haven't ACTUALLY sat down and written these tasks down, but when I do, I will post them here... that way I will be able to track my progress have blog stoppers by to answer to.

Then at the end of that 40 days, life will be perfect, care free, and I will be engaged to be married. Right?
HA! Just kidding. Just making sure you were all still with me. NEWSFLASH! You have to be dating to get engaged. That's the kicker. Where to find the guys to date. But that is a different posting altogether. So let's move on. ;)


Here's hoping for a DE-cluttered life in 40 days...
Thanks for the challenge Tawnie! Let's all get to work.

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Tawnie J said...

Love it Leslie!! In whatever way anyone needs to declutter their life, it's great!! I am working on another personal issue as well. 40 days starts today!!! Good luck!