Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random February

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Outlets in Park City. Aaron wanted these ear muffs and I was glad they were only $3.00 because I thought they looked so awesome on him.

Aaron Jr watching his cousin Emily play basketball.

My niece Emily playing basketball.

Aaron Jr with my niece Kristina with Shayla.

Shayla with Aaron Jr and Kristina.

Nephew and nieces.

...nephew Thomas, sister in law Tawnie with nephew Jack, nephew Sam.
In their piano recital.

We stopped by Lisa's house one day and as we were leaving, I found Aaron Jr shoveling their sidewalks. SWEET boy.

This was at the book release party that was thrown for my sister Karey and her book that came was published. It sure was a fun night. Here are some photos from the party...

niece Veronica, Me, niece Savannah

Karey at her first book signing at Costco. WOO HOO!

Chocolate chinned Aaron Jr so proud of his Aunt Karey. Congrats again Karey. We love you.

I found this in my phone and I think I forgot to post it. These next two photos are from back in November. This is my mom (on the left) and a lady in her ward who helped at the polls on election day ALL day long.

Aaron Jr using the apple peeler to peel an apple when we were making apple pie for Thanksgiving. Mmm... I want some right now.

Looking forward to March and warm weather.

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Anonymous said...

All of these photos are special to me because you all belong to me and I love you all.