Thursday, March 3, 2011

"For Crap's Sake"

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Before I tell this story, I have to make sure everyone knows that I do not have road rage. When someone cuts me off or traffic is bad, I may or may not say something under my breath, but I do not get mad or try to come up with an act of revenge on my fellow drivers. But this experience today made me laugh so hard.

We are in Oregon visiting my brother Spencer's family again right now. Kristi and I took the kids who are not in school yet to Costco today and this is a conversation in the car on the way home.

We were turning left at a stop light and when we had barely made the turn, there were a bunch of cars there blocking us from getting all the way into the lane...

Aaron Jr: "crap sake!"

Kristi and I looked at each other and I asked him if he had just said "crap sake?"

Aaron Jr: "yes, because those cars were in our way."

Me: "where did you hear the words crap sake?"

Aaron Jr: "from grown ups."

Kristi: "which grown ups?"

Aaron Jr: "my mom."

Kristi and I couldn't stop laughing.

Then I said to Aaron "sorry that I have been a bad influence, because we shouldn't say that."

Aaron Jr: "its okay." (said in a way that makes it seem like he doesn't mind continuing to use the term)

Oops. I guess I need to watch what I say. He has begun copying what I say.

'For Crap's Sake' is actually a term that some of us have used in my family. We didn't use any swear words or much slang growing up. My parents didn't want us to. But once the word 'crap' became available to us as teenagers, it became some of us kids' word of choice. We have been pretty creative in our usage, for example: "what the crap?" "for crap's sake!" "crap on it!" "holy crap" and so on. Once we have kids, I guess it is time to start coming up with something different. :)

While I was serving my mission in England, I came home using the word "Rubbish!" as my expletive of choice. It is still the one I use the most often, but obviously I use the word 'crap' as well. Aaron Jr used the expletive "rubbish" the other day for the first time a few days ago. I have to admit, it was cute and I was a little proud that he used it. It is not an offensive one to me. :)

The End.

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LL said...

This is FUNNY!
Crap might be the word I use most. :-) And my kids do too. Cute little guy.
Better than the phrase Rich's little guy used when I was out there over Christmas. (worse than crap) ;-)

Vicki said...

That was funny! Thanks for sharing! :)