Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aaron / Daddy!

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Today, March 29, 2011, would be my husband, Aaron's, 34th birthday. It has only been a little more than three years since he passed away, but this will be the fourth birthday of his that we will have to celebrate without him here.
Fishing was one of his favorite things to do, so when I came across these photos of him this past week, they brought back some great memories of fishing as a family. I wish I could remember what this reservoir was called. It was in July of 2006 and Aaron, Me, Aaron Jr, and Ode all went up to go fishing. It was beautiful. He is tough to see standing out there on that little island with the tall grass, but Aaron IS out there fishing.

This is Aaron reeling in a fish, then holding the fish that he caught. We brought it to his parents house that weekend and he cooked it for them.

Our family playing at the reservoir.

Once it began to rain, I got Aaron Jr and Ode into the car to try to keep us warm and dry while Aaron kept fishing. While we watched from the car, he fished for almost another hour. He would have stayed all night, and if the weather had stayed warm and sunny, it sure would have been fun.

Aaron Jr in the car while we waited for Daddy.

Driving away from the reservoir. So beautiful.

One of Aaron Jr's favorite things to see is a rainbow. When I asked him a few weeks ago what was his favorite thing to do... his answer was: "I love to look at rainbows."
I asked him again, this time trying to get him to tell me a hobby that he loved to do, so I asked him if he likes to go fishing? He said: "Yes, and I like to look at rainbows."
I thought it was funny. So, when I saw these photos of Aaron doing something he loved to do and standing under a rainbow, I knew I had to use them for his birthday posting.

Happy Birthday Aaron / Daddy!

We sure love and miss you!

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Kristi said...

Happy birthday Aaron. We miss you.

Lisa said...

what gorgeous pictures. those look like happy times for your family. i am thinking about all of you today...and especially aaron. happy birthday aaron. i'd like to think that Heavenly Father will let him be a part of your activities today...so do something joyful in his honor. love you.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you all and loving you all.