Tuesday, May 17, 2011

March Madness ~ 2011

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These are photos from my birthday dinner at my in laws.
Mmm... Mmm... Good.
Maybe I am contemplating my wish...

Aaron Jr... a little help here. :)

Grandpa and Aaron Jr playing with dominoes...

...and ACTION !

Aaron Jr's new hobby...

... KARATE !

This was also just a couple of days before Ode passed away. We miss him.


I forgot about this photo... this is Aaron Jr on our road trip to Portland. He did not want to eat lunch, but I told him he had to. Hence the hanging head and arms... such a cute pout. :)
I do have to admit, though, he did win the battle because we had to get on the road. Ha.

Spencer and Kristi's family were in town when their son Spencer turned 8 years old, so he was baptized here in Utah so that all of us could be there. He is in the center of this family photo.
Congrats to Spencer. We love you.

Stella and David go with us to feed Shayla.

Jack, Aaron, Thomas...
playing the PSP while the rest of us adults watched a BYU game in the NCAA tournament.

My nephew, John.

My nephew, Zachary.

Aaron Jr made this out of paper... He is Phineas from Phineas and Ferb.
He loves that show...

Here are the real Phineas and Ferb. Such a funny show.

This is the THANK YOU card that Aaron Jr drew for FLASH to thank him for the flag and the letter he sent. I only helped a tiny bit... it was mostly Aaron Jr who drew this. Ode and Aaron Jr are standing under the airplane and flag. So sweet.


Of course we went out to the cemetery for Aaron's birthday. Aaron Jr loves to release balloons at the cemetery, so I figured we would take four balloons, which is the number of birthdays that Aaron has been gone now. I let Aaron Jr pick the colors. Blue and yellow, his favorite colors... and the colors that he knows were mine and Aaron's favorites as well.

Aaron Jr testing his hands against his handprints on the stone.
Aaron Jr sprinkling sunflower seeds on Aaron's stone... one of his favorite snacks and one of the main memories Aaron Jr has of his dad.

Ready, Set, Go...

Up, Up, and Away...

While we were at the cemetery, Steve showed up, so we got a photo of him with Aaron Jr as well.

Later, we took a cupcake up to the Harkness home to sing for Aaron's birthday and light a candle.
This is Sue with Aaron Jr.

Aaron Jr blowing out Daddy's candle.

While at the cemetery, Aaron Jr walked around collecting any loose items that had blown away from where they belonged. He kept bringing back loose flowers. He even found a plastic thing that had a smiley face on it.
I brought a BIG HUNK to leave there for my BIG HUNK.
Aaron Jr drew a picture of our family and put it there.

I love this boy.

Happy Birthday Aaron.
We love you.
We miss you.

* * *

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cucciolo25 said...

I love the Phineas and Ferb pointed face and the thank you note to Flash.
The grave pictures are always so sobering.