Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oregon Athletics

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Track and Field

a.k.a. burning energy so the kids will settle down.
Luke, Aaron, Benny, Lila

Playing catch with lil Spencer.

I got to use my brother Bruce's baseball mitt. I love that he wrote his name on it.
My brother Spencer has it now.
Its amazing the things that become treasures after someone we love is gone.

We watched A LOT of NCAA basketball in March.
We are BYU fans, so we were having a blast watching JIMMER and the rest of the BYU team.
Aaron Jr even got a little obsessed with it all and has been really into playing basketball.
He is getting really good at hitting his shots.

He even said that he is going to be the next JIMMER.
He's so cute.

Look at his form. :)

Aaron Jr, Luke, Benny

Nice shots!


My sweet boy.

Me and Aaron Jr... SLAM DUNK!

I am loving watching Aaron Jr become interested in so many different things.
I can't wait to see which ones he chooses to focus on and excel in.

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cucciolo25 said...

Can you believe how athletic we are? :)