Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random April

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Yep... another trip to the Discovery Gateway.
This time with Lori and Lisa and their kids. Aaron Jr couldn't get enough of posing for photos on this wall.

Aaron Jr Angus

Aaron Jr, Lily, Stella

Aaron, Lily, Julia, Sophie, Hannah, Elise, Anna, Michael, Stella, Caroline, Henry, Angus

Steve and Aaron Jr riding together.

Aaron and Haak Great friends.


Project at Mark and Suzy's house. We went over to watch the guys build a retaining wall at Mark and Suzy's house out of railroad ties. They did a great job. Spencer helped to design it, but was not able to be there... and Travis had already left before the photo was taken. Good job everyone.

Grandpa and Aaron Jr.

Grandpa (Dad) using his chainsaw.

Aaron and Grandpa, Thomas and Aaron, Jacob... leaning. :)

As I watched the guys pounding in the rebar into the railroad ties, I made a comment about their arms being sore. They challenged me to pound in one railroad tie and let me say... my arms and hands were sore that day, and the days following. It was TOUGH.

Random Easter Stuff

Robert, Aaron, Dad, Leslie (me), Richard
after rubbing the colored coating on Robin Eggs on our faces.
Easter candy is great.

Lily, Aaron, Michael
coloring Easter Eggs at 'pre school'.

Uncle David's Funeral

Aunt Louise

My dad saying good bye to his brother and best friend.

A photo that Aaron took of my mom.

Aaron Jr.

MY Parents' Headstone.
We are blessed that they are still here with us.

My parents just got done putting their funeral affairs in order. They got everything figured out and paid for and last month, the headstone got put it. It was strange enough watching my husband's and my own headstone get put in... and this one was almost as strange. We expect our parents to live forever, right? I really hope that they are around for SO many more years.

My brother, Bruce, is buried in Missouri because that is where we lived when he passed away. Ever since we moved to Utah... it has been tough having him buried so far away without being able to have a place to go to remember him whenever we wanted. We always went to the cemetery when we went on vacations near there... but it has especially been tough on my parents not having him buried closer to them.
So, they put his name under theirs on the front... this way, they now have a place where they can take flowers to remember him. I can tell they are so happy to have the opportunity now to do this... and so are the rest of us. It will be great.

I am almost caught up on my blog... WOO HOO!

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Kristi said...

Wow, April was busy. Good busy and sad busy.
Love you guys.