Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oregon Fun & Our Scenic Drive Home

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Our Awesome Oregon Hosts.
Benjamin, Lila, Spencer, Spencer, Andrew, Kristi, Luke
We love them.

Luke, Benny, & Aaron crawling around with Andrew.

Aaron playing video game with his audience, Lila.

Aaron loves babies so much.
He loved holding Andrew on our trip.

The kids.
Luke, Andrew, Aaron, Benny, Spencer, Lila

Benny, Andrew, Lila

Kristi... making a yummy kind of popcorn.
Kristi loves to make yummy food.
Lucky for us... because we get to eat gourmet when we go there.

Luke showing Aaron the caterpillar that he just found.

Andrew, Benny, Luke, Aaron

Spring was springing while we were there.

Aren't these flowers gorgeous?

Aaron Jr and Me.
Anyone who reads my blog knows that I tend to go overboard on my photos sometimes...
this trip to the park was no exception. What can I say... out of the two weeks we were there, this was one of the only days the sun showed itself for most of the day. We HAD to take advantage.

Aaron was posing up a storm this day...

Lila... and Lila with Aaron.

Benny... and Benny with Aaron.

Me with Aaron.


Kristi and Andrew.

I believe I would have done better with shoes that aren't so slippery... but my shoes were preventing me from running up the slide. I had to try about 10 times before finally making it up...

I finally made it.

But Kristi made it on her first try.
I hope she doesn't mind that these are on here...
I think she looks spectacular and athletic.

Aaron Jr having a go.

Aaron Jr.

Me with Aaron Jr.

Benny and Aaron Jr.

Aaron Jr and Mama.

We caravanned home to Utah with Spencer and Kristi. They were coming to Utah for Spring Break. There was some scary weather, but also some amazing scenery. I had to have my camera handy the whole 12 hour drive so that I could snap some photos when I felt safe to do so. These ones are called 'Highway to Heaven.' :) If you look close, you can see Spencer and Kristi's van.

I loved the sunset in the side mirror.
Spencer and Kristi's van driving through a tunnel.
Their van next to a gigantic tire.

LOVE these fence posts in the water with their own reflections and the mountain reflection.

We were very tired after our 12 hour drive, but so happy to be home safe.

Thank you AGAIN!!! Spencer and Kristi.
We are the guests who won't stay away.
Sorry. :) Love you.

* * *

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cucciolo25 said...

I am a bit embarrassed by the slide pictures.
You got some fun shots on the drive home. There IS beauty on that drive :).