Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun Haircut

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We decided to have some fun with Aaron's hair before his haircut this time.

I can always tell when it is time for a haircut because Aaron starts caring more about what his hair looks like. He will complain about the ends curling up and hates it if he can't get it flat.
In fact, he even has a name for the way he likes his hair... he will get it wet and smooth it down with his hands and he calls it 'the flatty flat'. It is so funny.
One time, I even had to use the hair dryer to get one part to lay down flat so that he was okay to leave the house. That is where I draw the line... using a hair dryer on my six year old son's hair?... nope. :)

In fact, once while we were driving in the car, and I said out loud, "I hate my hair today."
And Aaron said, "Why? Because its all carmeled up?" (As he made a curly motion with his finger by his hair.) I laughed so hard, I love it when he gets his words wrong because he can't remember the right one. Have I mentioned that story before? Hmmm...

Anyway, curly hair must not be his favorite. ;) So, once he complains too often about his hair curling up and not liking it, that is when I know he is ready for a haircut and it is easy to convince him to let me cut it even though he will be itchy. :)

 This is his profile while he is sitting on the stool before I started cutting his hair.
That is a lot of hair. :)

This is the haircut right after his shower...
it was in shock I think because there were some fly-aways.

Here is a story about his haircut this time:

The morning after I cut his hair, he was having one of his mornings where he begged and pleaded with me to let him stay home from school. I told him no over and over and told him the fun things they were supposed to do at school that day... but he still wanted to stay home. I finally reminded him about his new haircut and told him that he could show it off to the kids at school...
that is when he immediately started getting dressed without another word about staying home. Then I took him to school.

When I went to pick Aaron up from school, he got into the car and the first words out of his mouth went something like this:
"Mom, usually when kids get a haircut, people at school say something about their haircut and that it looks good, but no one said anything about my haircut."

I could tell he was so disappointed, and the fact that he got dressed that morning because of being able to show off his haircut, I felt so sad for him.

He mentioned it several more times that day, how sad he would be if no one said anything the next day about it... so I knew I had to do something to 'help' the situation.

So, being a protective mom, and not wanting him to be disappointed again, I emailed his teacher. I told her this story and what he said after school and told her that I had a strange request. I asked her if she would please mention Aaron's haircut to him the next day.

She is a great teacher... she wrote back and said that she had noticed, but that some kids don't like those kinds of things to be mentioned, and she never knows which kids those are. Then she thanked me for letting her know and said that she would be happy to mention his haircut the next day and if it would make Aaron happy, then she will do that.

The next day after school, I asked Aaron if anyone noticed his haircut and he said that his teacher said something about it.

His teacher told me that after she mentioned it and told him that he looked handsome, he smiled.

I know he was happy that someone at school noticed and said something about his haircut.
After I mentioned this story to a few other people, including family members of mine, they have also told him how handsome he looks and he just beams with JOY.

What a sweet and silly boy.

This was a couple of days later after it had settled down.
He is giving a 'thumbs up' over his shoulder in the second one.
What a handsome boy I have.

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Tracie said...

Very nice hair cut on a very handsome boy. I do like the alph alpha look and the the wind blown look. Girls are going to be jealous of those naturally curly locks someday.