Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My World

* * * * * * *
 My beautiful boy.

Usually when I give Aaron Jr a hug,
I tell him I love him and then sometimes I whisper in his ear,
"You're my favorite."

Lately, though, when I hug him,
I tell him that I love him and I've started saying...
"You are my world."

The other day after I told him that, I then asked him,
"Who's my world?"
Then he pointed to himself.

Then he asked me, "Who is my world?" and he pointed to me.
I loved that.

Then he asked, "Who is Daddy's world?" and he pointed to both himself and me.

What a sweet boy.

 We have been keeping track of Aaron Jr's height on a door frame...
I think it is amazing how much he has grown in just barely over a year.
He is growing like a weed.

Grandpa's big boots.

We got home from church one day and changed our clothes...
Then Aaron had something to show me.
He had picked up my skirt and sweater and put them on.
What a silly boy.

Aaron decided to fold his own clothes.
He did such a great job.

He was so proud.

He was so proud, he wanted me to keep taking photos of different poses.

He even tried to take photos of himself after I left the room.

He took this one as well. Pretty good shot, I have to say.

Crazy hair time!


These were a gift from his teacher for his birthday.
What a rock star!

We were at the grocery store and this apple was the biggest one I think I have ever seen. I wish the photo did it justice... it doesn't look as big in the photo. But this photo sure is cute.
~ ~ ~
 I have a silly habit. When I am sitting somewhere with a hard surface, I tap my fingernails for no reason. When I am sitting at the computer or wherever, I will tap my fingernails and it usually has to be even. (OCD, right?) Aaron noticed right away after we got married and he would call it my 'tap-tap-a-roo'. I tend to do it more when I am feeling anxious or stressed.
Anyway, the other day, I was sitting next to Aaron Jr and he said,

"Mom, I can do what you do. Watch".
Then he tapped his finger.
It made me laugh. I don't even know if I was tapping it at the time... it is completely subconsciously that I do it... but it made me realize that Aaron Jr watches me more closely than I realized.

I write the cute things that Aaron Jr says on the side of my blog...
here are a couple of favorites lately:

Whenever Aaron Jr is stretching, he says, "I'm stretchable right now."

One day, Aaron Jr said, "I speak Spanish... A-looo-ha!"

This little boy is so much fun.
What a treat and a treasure it is to be his mom.
He really is my world.

* * *


Tracie said...

What a handsome boy, you are very blessed. Thank you for sharing him and you with us.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog from another blog that I read. I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are to me. Although I don't know you personally, I can tell from your words that you have a genuine sweet sweet spirit. I have added you and Aaron Jr. to my prayers and will continue to pray for you.

Although I have not endured the loss of my spouse, I have endured the loss of my son and I too struggled with infertility. So, I understand some of the feelings you write about. If you would share your email address I would love to tell you my story. Not that you are interested in a complete stranger's story (lol), but it sometimes helps for me to share it with someone who understands.

I wanted to let you know also how much I enjoy your pictures. You are an amazing photographer and you "capture the moments" beautifully. Did you ever get your "dream" camera?

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings and being an inspiration to me and others.

Much love and prayers,

Leslie said...


i would love to hear your story. please share.

and no, i have not yet been blessed with my dream camera. :) but i am grateful to have a camera at all, so i cannot complain.

my email address is:
lesterlou33 at hotmail dot com

p.s. thank you for your sweet comment. it brightened my day.

Kristi said...

We have read the funny quotes from Aaron on the side. The kids like them too. The other day Benny said, "Mom, can I have some Peen butter. That is what Aaron calls it."
He is funny.
He sure adores you too.