Monday, February 27, 2012

Through the Eyes of Aaron Jr.

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While I was still sick, Aaron was getting pretty bored, so he took my camera and proceeded to take about a hundred photos of anything and everything that was in the room we were in. I narrowed it down to these. The ones of himself were self portraits.
I loved looking through the photos and seeing through his eyes what things around him were worth taking photos of.

this one.
No comment... except that I'm a proud Mama.

His fish, Bluin.
Yep, he's still alive.
Woo Hoo!
As of the 1st of March, we will have had Bluin for 9 months.
I think I might be a fish whisperer. HA!

These roses were given to me for Valentines Day.
Aaron's dad had just bought flowers for his wife, Aaron's mom...
and on his way out of the store, he had a strong feeling that
Aaron wanted him to buy some for me, so he went back in and bought these.
He wanted me to know that they were from Aaron.
It was really kind.

This is the poster that Aaron Jr and I made to tell who he is...
it was for his week to be the star student in his class.
He is so proud of it... it is hanging in the kitchen.

There are two reasons that THIS photo made the cut...
it is just plain silly... AND ...
this face reminds me of one that Aaron my husband used to make to be silly.
Aaron Jr would not know this and would not remember... so when I saw this photo in the mix I could not believe how exact his facial expression was to Aaron's silly face that he would do.
There are a couple of faces that my son does that his Dad used to do... it always blows my mind when he does a face like his Dad.

Hahaha... just had to.

We were pulling out of the driveway last week and saw THIS sunset and Aaron Jr said something like, "That is what heaven looks like."
So, I pulled back into the driveway, went back into the house, grabbed my camera, and Aaron Jr asked if he could take a photo of it. How could I saw no to that?
He did great!

The sky actually reminded me of THIS picture he drew in church a couple of weeks ago.
It is of Daddy and Ode in heaven. ... and his colorful soccer ball. :)
It is a treasured picture.

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Kristi said...

Aaron did pretty good with the camera. Whenever our kids get a hold of our camera it is blurry and then most of the pictures are of the ground.
I like Aaron's poster.
That was thoughtful of Steve to deliver the flowers for you. Sweet.
Hope your feeling better.

Scott / Lori said...

Neat picture that Aaron drew. And that was kind of Steve to bring you the flowers. Glad you are feeling better!