Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aaron's Kawasaki KX500

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This is Aaron on his motorcycle. It is a Kawasaki KX500. He bought it soon before he left on his mission. He even talked about it in his mission journal. He talked about how he missed riding it. I had to laugh at that journal entry. This photo proves that Aaron was daring beyond belief. I never went with him when he rode in the sand dunes, but his friends and family tell stories of Aaron riding and it is why I was always so nervous when he went riding. He came home with scratches and bruises sometimes, but I knew that he knew what he was doing. I just hoped and prayed that he would come home okay each time. He talked about selling this motorcycle several times when we were tight on money, but he could never bring himself to sell it. He thought I would never agree to let him get another one in the future... plus, he LOVED this motorcycle. I always heard from his friends about how powerful this motorcycle is and that not just anyone can handle something like that. Aaron was a big, tough guy. Anyone who knew him knows why he was able to handle it.

This is the motorcycle last week. At the bottom are his motorcycle boots. I wanted to get his helmet in a photo, but it has been misplaced at the present time. I hope we can locate it soon. But he is wearing his helmet in that first photo, so there you have it.

This is me with Aaron Jr. He always enjoyed sitting on it.

And here is the reason for this posting. This is Sadie and Nick with Pearl and Aaron Jr. Sadie is Aaron's sister. Her husband Nick wanted to buy the motorcycle. So, here they are getting ready to load it into the truck. Nick is big and tough like Aaron. If anyone can handle the motorcycle like Aaron, then Nick can. Before they got there, I was out taking photos of the motorcycle. I was always wishing Aaron would sell it because it made me nervous when he went riding, but as I looked it over and had a moment, I broke down just knowing that Aaron would never be here to ride it again. In a way, I am okay with the not riding it part, but him not being here, that is the part that brings sorrow. I have to say, though, selling this was easier than selling the truck. Knowing this one was going to family, it isn't too far away and it isn't with strangers. Nick and Sadie know how much Aaron loved this bike and Sadie even has cherished memories of Aaron with it.

As they were taking it, Nick said, 'Don't worry, I'll take good care of it.' So, I told Nick that I would rather he take good care of himself while riding it. I hope he is careful.

Thank you Nick and Sadie. I appreciate you buying it from us. We hope you enjoy it. We love you guys.

This is the only time I ever rode on the motorcycle. Aaron took me around on these dirt roads. I was so nervous, but I knew he would take good care of me.

We love you, Aaron...

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Anonymous said...

he really was a daredevil wasn't he?! My goodness - motorbikes, big trucks, speed boats, knee boarding, horse riding, and all those other outdoor activities. Makes me sweat just THINKING about all that exertion!!

Thinking of you Leslie,



Mindy said...

I'm so glad you could keep it in the family! Aaron Jr. is getting so big!
Love you!

Rhitzclan said...

You are so brave Ell. Keep holding on. Love you.

Joann said...

I love the photo of you riding. I think the look on his face says it all. "I can't be too crazy while she's on here with me, or she'll never let me rideit again!" I am so glad that it was able to go to Sadie and Nick.
Thanks again for having us down last Friday. I really had a good time and I hope we can do again, and sooner rather than later! Love you, Les!

k.m.b. said...

our hubbys are more alike than I thought. Every time you post something new about him, I think 'wow, Kimball does that too!' I guess that just gives me a glimpse of what a great guy aaron really is.

amanda said...

I can't believe all the TOYS he had. Always an adventure. Lots of fun memories.

dani said...

i know it doesn't make his being gone any easier, leslie... but, aaron lived a BIG life in his unfinished life. i mean he did more than most who live many, many years.
take care, sweet leslie!!!

Tabitha said...

This must all be so hard for you Leslie and you are doing so well.
I am glad that the bike is going to family ~ who will look after it.
Take care ~ sending you love and hugs XXXXXX

Jyl said...

Leslie, I am so glad Aaron's bike went to family also. we have experienced the same thing, James bought a Kawasaki (green also) street bike when we were first married (it was actually my idea! only because he was commuting 2 hours away and selfishly I thought it would get him home sooner to me!)We have contemplated selling it so many times, but After James was hit on the freeway on it, I never let him get on it again, and he is afraid to sell it for the same reasons, knowing I WILL NEVER let him buy another one! So it sits in our garage collecting dust and loosing more value. I was reading through your last few posts, and I am so proud of you to hear your feelings about Carpe Diem, and to hear that you have the strength to find joy amidst your pain. You don't know how happy that makes me, I think I worry about you more than you know. James said for me to tell you we were coming to Utah in October so we could get together because he hears me think out loud about what you must be going through all the time, I told him you wouldn't have time to see us, or may not want to.. But I think he knows how much I care about you.
Also, I just love Aaron's carpentry! What a talented amazing man! I would die for some of those pieces! Do you sell them still or are they in a store? I will have to have one some day! Anyway, thinking about you!

K and K and kids said...

Wow...Aaron did it all! Kyle loves dirt bikes, too and in fact, crashed on one the day before we got married!! They make me nervous. I am glad that your brother-in-law bought it, just don't let Aaron Jr. near it when he gets older! Love ya, Les

Kristi said...

Is that the motorcycle he brought up to our cabin? Spencer said he was scared by the force of that thing when he just barely pushed the throttle.
I am glad that it is staying in the family.