Thursday, September 18, 2008

Universal Donor

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Five Great Reasons to Donate Blood:

1 * The pleasure of knowing you are helping to save lives is the most important reason.

2 * You get a free 'check-up' while they assess whether or not you are eligible to donate. They take your temperature, your pulse, your blood pressure, and they even check to see if your blood is low in iron. So... free check-up.

3 * About one pound of weight loss once you are done donating (but only if you forego the next great reason).

4 * You get to sit and eat yummy cookies and drink yummy juice afterwards.

5 * You get to sport one of these multi purpose wraps on your arm. (see below) Not only is it high fashion in color and sticky fabric, but it also acts as a pressurizer to stop the bleeding. It is also a great conversation starter.

I gave blood today. The American Red Cross has been calling me to come in and give blood, but I have been putting them off for a while. I actually love going and donating, but I have been a little preoccupied for a while. At church on Sunday, they passed around a sign up sheet for the blood drive this week, so I signed up. It was very convenient.
I have O negative blood, which is the universal blood type. That is why they call often because this blood type can be given to anyone. I love donating blood. I actually don't even mind watching them stick the needle in my arm. I find it fascinating.
I recommend to everyone to donate blood. It helps so many people in difficult situations. All you have to do it look at my Five Great Reasons to Donate Blood to be convinced.

American Red Cross

I love you, Aaron...

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Mindy said...

I like to donate blood too. Thanks for your post--it reminded me that I haven't donated in awhile. I bet you'll inspire a lot of people to go donate!

dani said...

i would be a great donor, leslie... as i don't mind being stuck either; but, i have been on blood thinners for 15 years:S
it is the gift of life; and you are so charitable to give!!!

Tabitha said...

I do give blood ~ even though I have a real fear of needles (as long as I don't actually see the needle I am ok ha ha ). I have never had one of those nice pink arm bands over here in the UK ~ usually it is a boring plaster!! Giving blood (if you can) is definitly worth while!
sending you love and hugs XXXX

Amanda Sue said...

So ... Props to you for donating. I pretty much have the crappiest veins in the world. I tried one time and after finally getting my tiny little vein ( 3 failed attempts), the little guy gave out. So I am not really allowed to donate. Can't say I didn't try right?

The Heiners said...

Seriously, I think you are posting directly to me sometimes. I absolutely HATE to donate blood. It scares me to death and makes me sick. I stopped doing it about 5 yrs. ago when I passed out after they were done. (At least it wasn't during, so they could still use my blood!) I have B- blood, which is kind of rare. I really should donate often, but it's so awful. Now I am feeling that sickening 'it's the right thing to do' feeling. Leslie, why must you speak to me so!? Ü

The Heiners said...

Dang it, I'll think seriously about going. Maybe I'll have some fantastic experience come from it...maybe. If you ever want to email me, outside of blogs, please feel free. My email is

Mason will cat nap a bit in the car, but the forward facing carseats look so uncomfortable. I value sleep a lot, so I always feel bad letting him sleep all slumped over like that!

Kristi said...

The American Red Cross is always after Spencer because he is O negative too. He gets up to four hours of work off on days that he gives blood. That is not a bad incentive either.

K and K and kids said...

I love that you donate blood! I used to donate all the time...including platelets (which takes a long time), but I haven't in a couple of years. Ever since Claire's diagnosis and need for platelets, I have been especially gratful for all those who donate. I am definitely going to start donating again! Love ya, Les.