Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Yesterday was my Mom's birthday. I wanted to post a birthday greeting and wish her a happy birthday.
I am so grateful for my Mom. I am grateful for the example that she is and for the love that she has always shared with all of us.
Wife to our Dad.
Mother to 11 children.
Mother-in-law to 10.
Grandmother to 36 (soon to be 38).
We love you Mom and Grandma. Thank you for all you do and have done for all of us.

As always, Aaron... missing you...

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LL said...

She has always been someone I've admired--it's obvious, knowing her children, that's she is a pretty amazing mom.
Hope she has a great birthday and Leslie I hope this week has many smiles and happy thoughts in store for you.
Love ya~

Mindy said...

Aunt Karen has always been a good example to me! What an amazing woman! Happy Birthday!

k.m.b. said...

Wow! she sounds just like my mother-in-law...14 kids and 40 grandkids! I like her already !!

Seesalou said...

nice tribute. if i had $1 for the many times we girls have have said 'how did mom do it?'...i'd be rich. so how on earth did she?!! we are blessed to have her.

Kristi said...

What an amazing woman. I forgot it was her birthday. She is definitely one that I should not forget. Great tribute. You remind me of her so much lately, even your phone voice.
Happy Birthday Mom!

Lorianne said...

Yes, HOW DID SHE DO IT? Happy Birthday to a wonderful Mother and friend to us all. We love you!!!