Monday, February 7, 2011

SO Cool

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Here is Aaron Jr with a chocolatey face standing in Costco in front of my sister's book! How exciting to see her book in a store... wow.

I finished it!!!

So, today I got done reading her book after getting the actual published copy in my hands. It was fun reading it again. There were a few changes that she made since I read it before it went to the publisher, but the story was all the same. I loved reading it again. I really do recommend this book. Not just because it is my sister who wrote it, but because it really IS a great book.

My sister's book release party is tonight (Monday February 7). She asked me to take photos of the event. It is an exciting time for her and I am so excited for her. The party is to be in Cedar Hills, Utah. If anyone is around and wants to go to her party, it is open to the public. You can go to her blog and get the address from there.

{ Karey's Blog }

If anyone shows up, I guess I'll see ya there. Come and find me. :)

We love you Karey... we are so proud of you.

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Kristi said...

We want to go. We still don't have our copy yet. It should be here soon.

Anonymous said...

I understand the pride. My brother has published a couple of books, and I would go into book stores and spread his books out across the shelves to get them more exposure!! His name is Eric Dando...and his books are not your traditional fare!