Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random January

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Aaron Jr.
We have been trying to attend some of my nephews and nieces basketball games. It has been fun for us and Aaron Jr has been enjoying watching them play and also getting out there during half time to shoot the basketball.

Joseph and Aaron watching Savannah's game.

Savannah at her game. The lighting was awful, so none of the action shots worked at all. Too bad.

David in his game.

Matthew at his game.
David and Matthew are on the same team.

Kristina at her game. She smiles and giggles through the whole game, but she is the leading scorer at every game as well.

Kristina helping Aaron shoot the basketball during halftime.

Aaron Jr.

Cute Angus.

Angus came with us to feed Shayla one Saturday. He did great.


Angus and Shayla


Aaron and Shayla

Leslie and Aaron and Bruce

This was Bruce's last Sunday before he left on his mission. Bruce left in January to go to the Missionary Training Center where he is learning Mandarin Chinese to serve for two years in Taiwan. He has now been gone a month and he is missed. He joins my nephew Nathan as a missionary. Nathan is serving in Finland. We love them and we are so proud of them.

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Kristi said...

Holy basketball mania Batman!
I guess we are just getting warmed up with March Madness right around the corner.