Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surprise Homecomings...

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My sister in law Kristi sent an email to our family yesterday. It was a video that showed a bunch of surprise homecomings of soldiers coming home to their families. Some of these clips are of soldiers surprising their kids at school. Let me just say that I was in tears as I watched it... A LOT of tears through the whole thing.

I kept wondering as I watched these clips how Aaron Jr might react if he was one of those kids in class getting to have a surprise visit from his Daddy. In these clips, there are a few wives being surprised by their husbands coming home as well. Those, too, really affected me.

Watching these clips also reminded me of when I was young after my brother passed away. I remember for years after that, I would have daydreams and imagine my brother walking into my classroom at school to surprise me. I imagined seeing him in the doorway, running up to him, and giving him a huge hug.
And now, as an adult, I have daydreamed almost daily for the last three years about Aaron showing up and this nightmare being all a mistake. Wow... even as I sit here typing this and imagining him showing up right now, I just get so emotional and wishful. The reality is that it is not a mistake and Aaron is not going to show up to surprise us... BUT
thinking about the reunion we will all have after this life when we do get to see my brother and Aaron again, it brings such JOY. What a sweet and JOYous reunion that will be.

Watching these kids get to have their precious reunions with their Dads just brought me to tears. The sweet JOY they must have been feeling.

Now, watch these three videos. They will make you feel something. I am so grateful to these brave men and women who serve our country and fight for our freedoms. I share my gratitude to them.

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Momza said...

this is what makes America great!! thanks so much!

cucciolo25 said...

I can't not cry when I watch, for many reasons.
What a happy reunion it will be.

cucciolo25 said...

that was from me Kristi

Scott / Lori said...

These are amazing to watch. It is funny, I know as adults we cry when we are so happy, but I never really realized that little children do it too! So sweet and so touching. I need a box of tissues.

Scott said...

These have always had a very special meaning to me as well.