Saturday, November 13, 2010

# 13 ~ Music

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I am grateful for music.

Tonight's posting was an easy one for me to decide on. As I sit here watching the movie 'Spirit' with Aaron Jr, he is humming or singing to all of the music in the movie. Let me explain to you why I love hearing him hum or sing so much.

Music has always been something that I love. I love music that inspires, uplifts, brings emotion, music that moves me, music that brings back a memory, or music that stirs something inside of me... I love it. I actually really love music that brings on emotion so much... whether it makes me feel joy or makes me cry. In fact, when Aaron first passed away, the songs I wanted to hear the most were songs that would make me cry or feel pain. I felt so numb that feeling anything at all was a good thing for me... even if it was pain. Music is so amazing that way. It truly can bring on such powerful emotions... joy or sorrow.

'Music is what feelings sound like.' ~Author Unknown

My whole family enjoys to sing and my whole family really enjoys a powerful song, whether it be powerful because of the music itself or powerful because of the lyrics.

I have had my ups and downs with singing in the past few years. (posting) But no matter what, I have still always loved listening to great music. Throughout Aaron Jr's short life, he hasn't shown that much interest in singing until recently. I do remember the first time I ever heard him really singing. It was after Aaron passed away and we were at my parents house and Aaron Jr was again watching the movie 'Spirit' just like we were tonight. One of the Bryan Adams songs in that movie was catchy enough to get Aaron Jr singing along to it. Aaron was the one who bought him that movie and I wish he had been here to see / hear that. He would have loved it. Aaron Jr sings more now on a regular basis. He loves to sing primary songs about Jesus and he loves to sing 'You Are My Sunshine' with me. He even asked me to set up a CD player next to his bed so that he can play his kid CD's on it. At very random times, out of the blue, I will either hear his CD of primary songs or his CD of Mickey Mouse songs. As he tries to fall asleep on some nights, he pushes play on his primary song CD and he sings along to it until he falls asleep. I cannot tell you the gratitude I feel when I hear him singing those songs. Listening to him sing brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I love it.

'Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which is it impossible to be silent.' ~Victor Hugo

I want my kids to love to sing. I want them to love music. When Aaron was here, he would never sing loud enough for me to be able to hear him. He had been told by people before that he did not have a good voice and that he should not sing. That broke my heart because he always wished he had a great voice and he did love to sing, even if it was usually too quiet to hear. No matter what, I would have rather heard him sing than not hear him sing. Sometimes I did catch some notes here and there though... in the car to the radio. I always loved that.Aaron would have wanted Aaron Jr to love to sing just like I want him to love to sing. Even though Aaron didn't feel like he could sing, he had a love and an appreciation for music.

'There is music today that builds understanding of people; music that inspires courage; that awakens feelings of spirituality, reverence, happiness, and awareness of beauty. The First Presidency of the Church, commenting on the influence of music in our lives, has said: “Through music, man’s ability to express himself extends beyond the limits of the spoken language in both subtlety and power. Music can be used to exalt and inspire or to carry messages of degradation and destruction." ' ~Boyd K Packer

Hearing Aaron Jr sing is definitely one of my favorite sounds. I am grateful for music and that my parents helped to instill a passion and a love for music in all of us kids. I hope I can do the same thing for my kids.

'Music heals the soul.' ~Alex Boye

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Lisa Carter said...

Music is on the frequency of the Spirit, which is why it can bring the spirit so quickly, or send it away so quickly.

I have a few albums that I put together on a playlist that are strictly instrumental (mostly piano and hymn arrangements). I have found the whole feel of my home changes when it's on.

Don't be surprised when this pops up on my "grateful" list ;)