Tuesday, November 9, 2010

# 9 ~ Redbox & Online Television

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Redbox & Online Television

Today, I will share my gratitude for Redbox movie rental kiosks and the ability to watch TV show episodes online.

I will keep this short and sweet. Basically, after Aaron passed away, when it would just be Aaron Jr and me at our house... it got pretty lonely. Who am I kidding? It got SUPER lonely. So, I was really grateful to be able to run to the nearest gas station and rent a few movies at Redbox to keep me company throughout the night when I could not sleep. Even now, after Aaron Jr is asleep, I am still up so late... left alone with my thoughts... yes, lonely.

Same thing goes for my laptop. I still rent movies at Redbox, but not as often as I used to. So when there are no new Redbox movies to rent, or when I have tried to cut back on renting to help the pocket book, online television has totally kept me company... even now.
The other thing my laptop has been good for in these couple of years has been to chat with family or friends who are online late at night. That has also helped to keep me company...

I do not want to know how many Redbox movies I have rented since Nobember 29, 2007... it would blow my mind, I am sure... but those movies and online TV have totally entertained me and have taken my mind away from my lonely reality during my late nights.

I know this might seem like a strange one to be grateful for... but it has helped during those sleepless nights. So yes, I am grateful for Redbox and my laptop. (thank you for the laptop Sue, it is well used.)

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Kristi said...

You gotta go Netflix I'm tellin' ya. :)

Leslie said...

oh kristi... that card for a free month of netflix that you gave to us?... we finally activated it and we are totally using it and loving it. so, we are in transition now... from redbox to netflix. :)

love you. thanks again.