Monday, November 15, 2010

# 15 ~ Laughter

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I am grateful for laughter.

I love to laugh. I love it when other people laugh. Laughter is one of my favorite sounds ever. It makes me feel happy and it is music to my ears.

'For all your troubles I give you laughter.' ~ Francois Rabelais

So, anyone who has experienced heart break through the loss of a loved one knows how it is to feel guilty about laughing. To feel guilty about showing any outward expression of anything other than sorrow and grief. I remember after Aaron died when I was find something a little funny and I would crack a smile and ... heaven forbid... even a little laugh sometimes. And when this would happen, I would feel guilty and immediately force myself to stop. I felt as though laughing would make it seem like I was forgetting Aaron or like I was not dying inside. And I couldn't handle that.

Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful...' ~ Proverbs 14:13

But so course, I did realize at some point that even if I laughed or smiled, it did not mean that I was forgetting Aaron or that I was being disrespectful. Like that scripture says, even if I were to laugh, my heart was still full of sorrow. But feeling sorrowful doesn't mean that we can't also feel joy right along side of it. I don't remember when I began allowing myself to laugh or smile freely again, but when I did, I know it was one small piece of the puzzle in the healing process. I totally believe if we allow ourselves to laugh at even our darkest of times, it will help to heal us from the inside out. I know this is true.

'Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.' ~ Luke 6:21

I heard a quote recently about laughter. It says:

'Don't be afraid to laugh. A person without a sense of humor misses much of the joy of living. A good laugh is a panacea (cure-all) for many ills. Every time a man laughs, he takes a kink out of the chain of life.'
~ President David O. McKay

A couple of postings ago, I said that hearing Aaron Jr sing is one of my favorite sounds in the world. Hearing Aaron Jr laugh is also one of my favorite sounds in the world. He has been laughing his contagious laugh since he was only one or two months old. I know that is hard to believe, but it is true. He loves to laugh... and I love to listen to him laugh. He makes me laugh so many times every day.

So, I am grateful for laughter. Like I have heard so many times before... laughter is the best medicine.

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Lisa Carter said...

You know how I love Elf for a good laugh. You have to go to Megamind. Oh my, so funny.

That pic of Aaron Jr. is precious. I love the twinkle in his eye.

Rebecca Adams said...

I also love laughter! I love laughing and I love hearing others laugh! Laughter is a wonderful thing and it IS the best medicine! :)