Saturday, November 6, 2010

# 6 ~ Sugar

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I'm getting a late start on this tonight, so I am doing a really simple one...

I'm grateful for sugar. Now, I don't eat just plain sugar, but I am grateful for what is created with the ingredient sugar.

I have always loved candy and treats... but I have to admit, after Aaron passed away when I didn't feel like eating at all, the first thing that sounded good to me was Peanut Butter M&Ms. They were one of my faves, so several people brought me bags of those. It took me a little while to feel like eating even those, but once I did, I was addicted. They brought me comfort. :) Part of me wishes I knew how many large bags of Peanut Butter M&Ms I ate in the first year after Aaron died, but it would probably make me really uncomfortable to know the actual number. I needed Peanut Butter M&Ms like my lungs needed oxygen... and I had them on hand pretty much at all times.

Once I got tired of those, I turned to other kinds of candy... I have an addiction to sugar. It makes me happy(er). One of these days, I need to make a goal to try not to eat as much of it... one of these days...

So, I'm grateful for sugar... it being the main ingredient of candy.

(Yes... I eat healthy food as well. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Starburst for me. I'm sure I have eaten illegal amounts of Starburst during the past 3 years. I see all these people going on a November sugar fast. Why? Life is so short--enjoy what you love, take a moment to feel and taste, and be generous with sticky smiles and twinkly eyes.
-Tammy Sellers Martin

Lisa Carter said...

Oh how I love all things sugary, unfortunately my body doesn't like them the way my mouth does.