Saturday, August 10, 2013

Delightful Mom Moment

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When I go through Aaron's school work that I find in his backpack each day / week,
I expect to find worksheets of spelling words, math problems, or art projects...
...but the day I found this work sheet in his school work, it made me so happy.
It was one of those moments that brings great delight to a Mom.

Word of the Week

"I admire my mom."
"If I admirde some one it would Be my mom."

This was the back of the work sheet:

1. "I admire my mom."
2. "I admire my dad."
3. "I admire my gerama and gerampa."
4. "I admire my nether gerama and grampa."

Isn't it sweet?
When I found this work sheet in Aaron's school work,
it was definitely one of my favorite moments...
Definitely one of those delightful Mom moments.
I love my sweet Aaron.

* * *


Chris and Kristy said...

SO sweet! Definitely a treasure to keep forever. It's a mommy's payday moment. We think about you both often. Hope it's a great school year for Aaron.

Anonymous said...

love this posting and all the photos following it. Aaron is a thoughtful and sensitive little boy. LMH

Cheeler said...

Hi Leslie. You probably don't remember me, but I was a friend and roommate of Aaron's. we served together in Brazil and took a trip back there with Steve in 2002.

I miss Aaron and think of him often. I wish I could have been in a position to come to his funeral. I will always regret it.

Are you still accepting donations to your handsome son's college fund?

Hope all is well. Feel free to email me if that's convenient for you.

Tyler Haberle

Cheeler said...

Sorry. My email is tyler dot haberle at gmail dot com.