Monday, August 19, 2013

Spring Soccer ~ 2013

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 My cute soccer player.

Aaron's team.

One night, Aaron asked my Dad (his grandpa) to play some soccer with him.
My Dad obliged and these are a few photos from their soccer practice.

My Dad is 72 and he was really tired afterwards...
but I know Aaron loved that he practiced with him and I am really grateful that he practiced with him as well.

This is my nephew Nate showing some soccer pointers to Aaron at the halftime of my nephew David's soccer game.

Another nephew Bruce got asked by Aaron if he would play some soccer with him...
I am grateful for people who are willing to say yes to a plea from my sweet boy. :)


I think Aaron had a side ache in this photo.

Aaron was rotated through as goalie here...
I went over and coached him for some of it.
It is usually the Dads who go over and coach their boys while they play goalie,
I hope that someday Aaron will have a Dad to be there coaching him. :)


I LOVE his outfit here. He is wearing over sized shorts and a shirt that is way too big under his blue jersey, then the tiny goalie jersey on top. Hilarious and SO SO SO cute.

This was when I was coaching him at the goalie box...
I got a photo of him with both sets of grandparents in the background.
It was SUCH a cold night... you can see them all bundled up.
What sports they were that game.
And the players... they were real troopers as well.

Aaron with his coach.
She was a trooper.

 Here are a few short clips of Aaron in a few games.


My soccer player and his proud soccer Mom.

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Kristi said...

so cute all these people who played with him at home and at Dave's game. We loved Grandpa playing with him.
Love me some soccer season. Fun stuff.