Thursday, August 15, 2013

State Soccer Champs

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 This is Dave.
He is my nephew.
We spent a lot of time in the spring cheering him on in his high school soccer games.
These are some photos from some of the highlights of his season.

Kara, David, Matthew, Richard
David and Matt were excited to play together on the varsity team.
They both played last year and this was their last year to play together in high school, but Matt was really sick over tryouts and wasn't able to play on the team this year, so he was a manager.
I am sure he will be on the team next year, but he was on the sidelines with David every game.





 Aaron loved going to the games and watching his cousin.

Evelyn and Greta at one of the games.
So cute.



Interesting and beautiful sky.

All the kids' favorite part of the game was half time when they got to go out on the field and play.
This is Aaron.

Sam and Jack


Aaron, Sam, John
Aaron Thomas, Jack

 Aaron and Jack

This was the semi finals game.
It ended with a shoot out.
It was so intense...
these two photos above are right after my nephew scored one of the goals in the shoot out.
It was so exciting.

The two teams lines up at the 50 yard line as the shoot out happened.

 We ended up winning 5-4.
So stressful and then so exciting.

State Championship game at Rio Tinto Stadium.
It was so much fun.
If I remember right, my nephew David is the played in the black jersey that is just below the A K in LAKE on the other side of the field.

Aaron and Zach
Twin outfits.

These two photos are of all of the younger cousins right after we scored a goal.
It was such an exciting game.

Kinda blurry. I wish I had taken my good camera to the game.
We won the state championship 2-0.
It was exciting and so much fun.

David, Aaron, Me
David always remembers after each game to run to his family and give us all hugs.
He even almost missed a team championship photo on the field because of it...
but he made it just in time.

Congrats Big Wave Dave!
You are awesome.
We sure love you.

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