Friday, August 9, 2013

Random April ~ 2013

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Hilarious!!! Lid from a cottage cheese container.
Makes me laugh every time. :)

 So, my mom was cleaning out a drawer and she found this.
This is a Christmas gift that I gave to my parents when I was little.
Top left photo is of the box that I gift wrapped super professionally.
Top right is after opening the box... two really short sharpened pencils, a pencil top eraser, a fragment of another eraser that looks pretty beat up, and in the bottom was a home made coupon book that I made.
Bottom left is the coupon book.
Bottom right is one of the pages in the coupon book... I misspelled the word 'Practice', then I crossed out the words 'a two' and I made it 'one week' instead.
How cute was I ?!?!?
Aaron and my niece Allison on her baptism day.
What a special day it was. We love you, Ali.

Aaron and David.
This was the evening that my nephew David opened his mission call.
He will be serving the Lord for two years in Calgary, Canada.
We will miss him, but he will be where he needs to be.
The people of Calgary will love him.

 Cutest boy ever.

Ashton and Aaron
We went to the zoo with my friend Lisa and her kids one day during spring break.

 Ashton, Aaron, Averie, Lisa

Lisa and Leslie (me)

Averie, Aaron, Ashton

Playing peek a boo over the wall.

 This packet of photos was taken at Aaron's school.
I didn't order any, but they sent home a packet anyway...
with an order form and some fun items in the packet.
Aaron really wanted me to buy this packet, but I couldn't.
We didn't need these photos and it was frustrating to me that they would send something home just hoping that I will buy it because my son begs me to buy it.
I already bought school photos,
So this was lame.

 So, I took a really grainy photo of the photo with my phone.
It will have to do. At least Aaron's cuteness still comes through.

My friend Laura came for a visit to Utah and stopped by to see us.
It was so good to see her.

Aaron loves to exercise with his cousins.
Caroline was on the treadmill, so Aaron went out on the elliptical.

 Ode and Aaron.
I can't get enough of these photos of my sleeping boy.

Me with Sue at her boutique / store.
I love that store.

Winter in the Spring.

This tulip was looking so beautiful one day and Aaron wanted to pick it and take it in the house.
I told him to leave it so it looked pretty outside... then it snowed and the tulip was frozen.
So Aaron wanted to bring it in the house to try to save it. We put it into water...
It didn't survive, but it was cute that he wanted to try.

Got some new books about 'Frog and Toad'.
Aaron devoured them.

He read them super quickly and loved them.

Sweet photos of Aaron blowing bubbles for cousins Evelyn and Greta to chase.

 Aaron holding his cousin Charlie R.
Aaron loves this little baby... he can't get enough of him.

Shooting hoops. 


I just found this photo and had forgotten to add it to my random December posting.
 This is me with my three sisters at my sister, Karey's, book launch.
Lorianne, Lisa, Karey, Leslie (me).

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Kristi said...

ah, spring, so much cooler than summer.
My kids don't admire me.
Aaron is sweet to you.
Lots of fun pictures.
Our kids love the Frog and Toad books too. Classics.