Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random January ~ 2013

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Aaron ringing in the new year by hitting a pan to make noise.
Happy 2013!

Practice makes perfect.
John and Tawnie invited us over to spend New Years Eve with them.
There was a lot of food to share.
We made Ebelskeivers to share. Mmm...

Aaron playing in the snow.

Aaron playing in the snow with cousin Pearl.
These two are great friends.

Pearl wanted to read a short story to me.
She is a great reader and she is Oh so cute.

Beautiful Bountiful Temple.

This is my nephew, Charles R.
He was chewing on this metal basket.
Teething perhaps? He's so cute.

My friend Kerianne and her family went on vacation,
so they asked us to 'Gecko-sit' her boys' gecko.
Aaron was in heaven.

I purchased this piece of exercise equipment in part because it brings back childhood memories.
The other part was to actually exercise.
And, of course, in part to look like the model in this photo... hopefully without having to do much actual exercising, but just by owning the trampoline and moving it from room to room to get it out of the way. :)
So far, it is childhood memory 99.9% and actual exercising .1%.
I was so very sure I would use it often. :)
Aaron and I tend to use the big trampoline outside more often.

These are some of the instructions that came with the trampoline.
Some of them are hilarious.
Aaron dinner with my great friend, Lisa, and her kids.

Beautiful sky at sunset.

Aaron goes through phases of loving to play with these bins.
He can fit into one, but probably not for long.

This is a video of Aaron inside the bin trying to make his dinosaur fall off.
It was so funny to watch.

Sign on the wall at Pizza Pie Cafe.
I love this quote.

One of my yummy salads at Pizza Pie Cafe.

I saw this Pizza Pie Cafe cup in the parking lot of the grocery store and had to take a photo.
Great free advertising as it sat there under the lights.

Me with my friend Jessie.
This is the huge beater that is used to mix the frosting at Pizza Pie Cafe.
We had to have a taste.

Cute Aaron.
I think we were practicing our cross eyed look.

I was saying good night to Aaron one night and he made this sign with his hands.
He made the shape of a heart to say that he loves me.
Why am I so blessed to have him in my life?
He is THE greatest kid I know.
I love him.

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Mindy said...

I love that the LAST instruction is to make sure to read all instructions before use. :)

Kristi said...

That dinosaur thing WAS hilarious. January seems so far in the past - winter, snow, coldness.
That was the largest beater I have ever seen. wow.

Tracie said...

That salad looks delicious!