Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Random March ~ 2013

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I got ambitious tonight and did three blog postings.
Whewee! Good night.

An assignment that Aaron brought home from school.
He had written:
"if I was Presadint I would ask evry Budy to By me hersheas."
Hershey chocolate bars are one of his very favorite things.
I thought it was so funny.

Aaron and Malia right after Malia's baptism
It was a special day.

Pearl and Malia.

Lisa invited us down to work on a craft project with her and her kids.
This is the big snowflake that Aaron and I made together.

Aaron made two hands out of paper that were making the sign for "I love you".
So cute.

Aaron the Tiger.

Aaron showed me this cloud in the sky that he thought looked like a heart.
So, he took a photo of it. My sweet boy is always on the look out for heart shaped things.

Aaron and Haak.
Haak is Aaron's best friend from when we lived in Lehi.
He is the son of one of my best friends from when we lived in Lehi.
 This was our last time visiting them before they moved to California. We miss them.

Aaron took a photo of me as we were leaving for the grocery store.
Yep, I really went out looking like this. :)

My friend, Jaime, from England now lives in Idaho.
She and her kids came to visit us for the weekend back in March.
We had fun together.

We met a couple of my mission companions at a restaurant in Salt Lake.

Jaime's kids and Aaron.

Me, Jaime, Jyl, Kristy
Us three had the privilege of teaching Jaime the gospel of Jesus Christ on our missions to England.
Jaime is an amazing person and I love these three ladies.

Self explanatory. 

 Sue's birthday.

My little monster.

 My friend, Jessie, and me.
She left in March to go on a mission to Spain.
She is there now... teaching people the gospel.

 Aaron wiggled this tooth right out.

 His new smile.

 The next day, he wiggled this one right out as well.

 His new, new smile.

Hannah and Elise at their basketball game.

Rebounding or shooting.
They are the two tall skinny gals with red shirts under their jerseys.


  Daniel at his basketball game.

So, April wanted to put a video together for Sue for her birthday of everyone in the family dancing to the moccerana. So, down below are the couple of clips that we went to her to edit into the video.


Oh, but first... this is Aaron showing that he can jump into some snow from a higher spot than I wish he wanted to.

And this is Aaron showing his mad skills on the trampoline.

Aaron solo.

How embarrassing, but totally worth putting on here to show Aaron.

 Magic Trick.

My cute boy, the magician? :)

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Kristi said...

how ambitious. Three posts at once. You must have been up super late.
The kids and I watched all the videos and felt like we were there with you guys all over again.
Little Pearl looks so much like Sue. She is a mini her.