Saturday, August 24, 2013

End of School Year Fun! End of First Grade!

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Field Trip to see the chickens and then to the park for lunch.

Does this give you an idea of how tall Aaron is in his grade?

First Grade Pancake Breakfast.


Field Day.


Aaron and Stella.
Great friends.

 Hannah, Elise, Monique

These next two photos are of Aaron running the obstacle course.

The next day at the End of School assembly, Aaron won an award for taking first place for the fastest time for a first grader on the obstacle course. He was excited and I was proud of him.

When I was volunteering throughout the year,
I was glad to be there for the Pledge of Allegiance sometimes.
I had to get one on video. Brings me back to my school days.

Last day of school.
Last home lunch for the year.
Couldn't have worked out better with the peanut butter.
I don't think I could have gotten another sandwich out of that jar.

Aaron's first grade teacher, Mrs. B.
Good bye, first grade.
Good bye, Mrs B...
Thanks for everything!

* * *

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Kristi said...

Good timing on the pb, but you did have to buy a new jar for the summer right? :)
Sad that summer is now over. Bummer.