Thursday, August 29, 2013

'My Own Mr. Darcy'

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Today, I finished reading my sister's latest book.
I was sad every time I had to put it down because I just needed to see what was going to happen...
and now that I am finished, I am really sad that it is over. :)
I was so excited about this book even before finishing it, that last night my sister, Karey, and I went through actors and actresses who we would want to play the parts of all of the main people in a movie of this book.
It was fun. Maybe I will post the collage I made of our picks down the road a bit...

I loved this book!
I recommend this book to any and all.
It is a clean read, a romantic read, and a BRILLIANT read.
AND, the cover just happens to be a photo of my niece. Isn't she beautiful?

Order it online on Amazon.

Also, go to my sister's writing blog to see what other books she has written.
Karey White's Blog
I love them all.

You, too, will love it.

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Kristi said...

I read my copy within 48 hours of getting it. It was so fun. It was like a good Hallmark

Blogger said...

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