Thursday, August 8, 2013

Star Light, Star Bright...

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I have taught Aaron the poem to say when you see the first star of the night:

Star Light, Star Bright
First Star I See Tonight
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might
Have This Wish I Wish Tonight

One night a few months ago, Aaron saw the first star of the night and I recorded him on my phone saying the poem at the star... or at least how he remembered the poem. :)
Its so cute.
He allowed me to record him and I love it. :)
It is just a dark video with his voice...

Aaron: "Star Bright, Star Light, May I Have This Wish Tonight? May I Get? May I May?"

So cute.

He wishes for the same thing pretty much every time he has the opportunity to wish...
Birthdays, First Star Sighting, 11:11 o'clock,
and in his prayers every night... have brothers and sisters.

He cried to me the other day about it.
I think it was when he wanted to have someone come over to play and it didn't work out for some reason... and he was getting really emotional.
When I asked him what was wrong,
he said that he wants brothers and sisters.

It is so heartbreaking as a mother when you cannot give your child something that is such a righteous desire for them to have... something natural for them to want in their life.
Its not like he is crying to have a million dollars... and I can handle it when he whines about not being able to go and get a McDonalds Happy Meal... but hearing him ask Heavenly Father every night for me to get married again so that he can have brothers and sisters, and hearing him wish all the time that he can have brothers and sisters, and then actually wiping his tears and comforting him because he yearns for brothers and sisters... that makes my heart hurt for him every day.

What a sweetheart he is.
He would be an amazing older brother...
Someday, my sweet boy.
I hope someday.

* * *

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Kristi said...

I have been praying for that for you two too. Keep holding onto the happiness you have though. Those are blessings from the Lord.