Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random May ~ 2013

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Is there a cuter boy anywhere?

Fun haircut photos.

Aaron standing under a beautiful tree.

Richard bought this used street sweeper thing for a great deal...
he has fun sweeping the parking lot at Pizza Pie.

The sun was in Dad's eyes at sunset, so he put on these huge sunglasses things.

My brother John found this golf ball in my sister's back yard and gave it to Aaron because it was father and son cowboys... like Aaron's Daddy and him. Aaron really likes this.

Cute Charlie with Nairn.

Robert and Teresa's dog Molly...
my Dad loves it when she sits there watching him eat...
... not.

Aaron, Zach, and Molly

Zach and Aaron watching TV.
Aaron loved having Zach around for the summer while their family was home from law school for the summer.

Interesting fortunes...
the top one is laughable.
The bottom two would be nice for sure.

Aaron at his friend Ashton's birthday party.

First night of Friday night karaoke at Pizza Pie Cafe.
It was a lot of fun.
top left: Richard K
top right: Kolby and Nathan
bottom left: Julie and Robert
bottom right: Richard L

In May, I took engagement photos of my niece Sarah and her fiance Parker.
Here are a few of my faves.

Aaron was really bored during the engagement photo taking... can you tell?

But when we were done, he livened up and was trying to get into some photos as well.

Beautiful tulips.

This is a photo I took for the wall at Pizza Pie.
Carter, Kolby, Bruce, Nathan

Me, Veronica, Mark, Karey, Lori
We were at the Draper Temple to go through with Veronica before her mission.
not pictured who was there: Lisa, Dad, Mom, Travis, Bruce

Beautiful Veronica.

Me and Alicia
Alicia was another favorite co worker who left on her mission.
This was when she came in to say good bye before she left.
She is now serving in Taiwan. She's great.

This is a photo I came across that I forgot to put into the February posting.
Cute boys taking turns playing games on the tablet.
Luke, Aaron, Benny, Spencer

Here is Aaron doing some sweet tricks on his sweet trampoline.

My turn for my sweet tricks.

More sweet tricks from Aaron.

Aaron singing with cousins: Bruce, Savannah, Joe

My Dad used to teach English.
He recites some fun things for us sometimes.
Here are a few.

I love this greeting card.

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