Monday, August 26, 2013

Random June ~ 2013

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Stella and Aaron at Stella's baptism.
What a beautiful and special day it was.

That day, we also said goodbye to Veronica.
It was the last time we were going to see her before she left on her mission.
We miss her, but we know she is happy serving the Lord and the people of Washington.

We got to meet my first great niece at the beginning of June.
This is Jane, my great niece and Aaron's first cousin once removed.
Richard and Haley's sweet baby.
We love her.


Aaron loves babies so much.
And he is so good with them.

Robert had a chocolatey treat.
It got a little out of hand, I think.

Their cute dog, Molly.

These are a couple of photos of all of the sisters who were still there and my Mom.
We sure wished that Maria, Kristi, and Suzy had been there for this photo so it was complete.


Not sure what Lisa and I were laughing at, but no matter how blurry it is, I like it.

A ladybug on my arm.

Elise, Monique, Hannah
Great friends.

I can't remember right now what kind of flower these are, but I love them.

We found this snake in our yard.

Aaron tucked his shirt in and said "I'm Dave."
That is his cousin who loves to have his shirts tucked in.
We love Dave.

Zach and Aaron in the racing cars at Boondocks.
We sure miss their family.

My hilarious son.

 Aaron after riding on the bumper boats.

The gift that the kids made in primary for their Dads.
Aaron gave his to Grandpa.

Joe, Savannah, Aaron...
jumping with pieces of ice.

Nairn, David, Henry, Jacob
four of my cute nephews.

Comfy Aaron watching TV.

Aaron helping me fry some zucchini.
Mmm... we love it.

Making peanut butter sandwiches at the family reunion.

Aaron and cute Charlie.
Cute Henry in the background.

 Evan, Aaron, Isaac

 Cute Gus giving Aaron a hug to thank him for a few toys he gave to him.

We were at a park sitting in the parked car waiting for some friends.
Aaron got unbuckled so he could sit forward to see out the window to check if our friends were there yet... he went forward harder than he thought and bumped his head on the windshield. He didn't even hit that hard, it didn't make a mark on his head really... but it made THIS crack on the windshield. SO strange! :)

We were eating peanut butter M&Ms and Aaron took a little bite out of one, then showed me that it looks like a heart. We look for hearts in everything... its one of our things.
WOW! Gotta love that. :)

Night #1 of the SuperMoon!

Night #2 of the SuperMoon!

Aaron singing a song at bedtime.

And there you have it.
I thought I would end it with this sweet photo of Aaron sleeping.

So... good night.

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