Friday, August 2, 2013

February ~ 2013

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In February, I went with my widow group to dinner in Salt Lake and to a play at Capitol Theater.
It was a fun night.

 Aaron helping John remove snow.

This is the Christmas present that Aaron wrapped and saved for my parents.
They got home in February from their mission, I wish I had a photo of them as they got home.

Aaron and Isaac at the Museum of Natural History.
We went with Sadie and Nick's family.

My hand prints on a heat sensitive wall.

The student of the week brought their dad in to talk about his job and gave out these medical masks and head covers.

So, when I picked up Aaron at school, he got into the car with this cast on his arm.
I was mortified. The first thing that went through my mind was that he had broken his arm and they had not called me, but had taken him to get it casted. I was freaking out for a few seconds... until Aaron laughed and said that it was fake and that the student of the week brought their doctor dad in and he casted a couple of kids' arms. I was so relieved. Aaron wanted to wear it for a couple of days, and then wanted it off. It was really difficult to take off. My dad finally had to help and it took a while... Aaron did not like it. :)
Anyway, it makes for a funny story.

 Hair cut time.

 Handsome boy.

Aaron's rubber ball eyes.

Nairn's rubber ball eyes.

 Aaron wanted to read to Stella.

I think it was 'Green Eggs and Ham'.

Aaron and Charlie R.

Aaron and Veronica.
This was the night that Veronica got her mission call to Seattle, Washington.
That is the same mission that her mom, my sister, went to.
How neat.

 My cute nieces, Elise and Hannah.
Their team draws mustaches on their faces for their games. So cute.

Aaron and I hand made the Valentines cards to take to his class.

Valentines party at school.

Valentines games.

Valentines craft.

This is the Valentines Sugar Cookie Pizza at Pizza Pie Cafe.
I cannot wait for February so we can have it again. Mmm...

The Valentine I made for Aaron.
It has a Symphony bar in it. Mmm...

Luke, Benny, and Aaron coloring during church.
I know... its terrible that I took a photo of them during church.
They were just so cute and reverent.

Cute Lila. 

The picture that Lila drew for me.
I think it was Lila.
I really should write things down.

This is my cute boy reading books to these three cute cousins of his.
Lila, Evelyn, Greta.

The boys taking turns playing games on the tablet.
Luke, Aaron, Benny, Spencer

Benny, Luke, Aaron
So, Spencer and Kristi's family came in February for several reasons.
They were here for Dad and Mom's report in church about their mission.
They were here for Bruce's report in church about his mission.
And Luke got baptized while they were here as well.
This is Luke with Benny and Aaron right after his baptism.
What a special day. We love you, Luke.

Strange photo, I know.
But look at these two boiled eggs.
The different shapes are so funny.

Last, but not least...
Aaron with his stuffed dog that looks like Ode.

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Kristi said...

I thought it was funny that in the picture of the boys after Luke's baptism, Luke was the only one not still in his church clothes and it was HIS baptism. That February trip seems like it was a year ago.
How strange that they actually casted his arm and then you had to remove it yourselves.
Aaron is so much taller than the other kids in his class. I already knew he was big for his age, but the difference is still shocking every time I see it.