Friday, August 16, 2013

Memorial Day ~ 2013

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This is the balloon that Aaron attached a note to for Daddy.

And this is the note that Aaron wrote to send up to heaven for Daddy.

Here is the balloon carrying the note to heaven.

Lori's family, my parents, Zachary, and Aaron and I were all there at the same time.
This photo has my Dad in it.

And this photo has my Mom in it.

My Uncle David's grave.

This is Lori and a few of her kids, Lisa and her family, my parents, and Aaron and me.
This is the cemetery where my Mom's grandparents are buried.

We also stopped by my brother in law, John's baby sister's grave.
And also Hazel's grave.

Aaron and Zachary
I can't remember what Aaron found that he is holding out for the camera to see.
Maybe a potato bug?

We also went to my parents' future site where they put a memorial for my brother, Bruce.
That is because he is buried in Missouri and we can't get out there on these special remembering days.

I'm grateful for this day that is set apart for remembering our loved ones who have passed away...
and also to remember those who have given their lives defending our freedom.
I'm grateful to them all.
I hope that Aaron is learning how important it is to remember all of these people and what they have done for us.

* * *

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Kristi said...

I think it is so funny that mom and dad are standing in front of their own grave site.
We don't have any graves to visit on Memorial Day so instead we eat BBQ food and go on a family bike ride or something.